See You At The Top

Mental Giants Nutrition began with an idea, how to create the best self possible, though we understand this idea will never be reached as there will always room for improvement. With this goal Mental Giants number one priority is providing you with the nutrition needed to accelerate your progress in achieving a better you.

Your brain and body must be challenged to get them to the next level and Mental Giants will provide you the nutrition needed to not only aid you during your times of mental stress, but supply you with the crucial nutrition your brain needs to rebuild and grow even stronger. We are an Air Force Veteran run company, one that is dedicated to providing the best products possible and taking care of our customers above everything. We will not settle for mediocrity and neither should you.

At Mental Giants Nutrition

We are passionate about self-improvement and living the best life possible.  It is known that in order to be healthy one must take care of themselves physically.  Exercise is known to improve health and exercise supplements are widely accepted and used.  While there are plenty or resources and supplements available for physical training and improvement, we believe there is much to be done in improving one’s mental function. In addition to provide top quality supplements we strive to mentor you through your health and wellness journey. We are here for your success.


Simply Focus

We at Mental Giants Nutrition have developed a mental supplement pack called Simply Focus as our first and our flagship product.  This pack contains five supplements that are specially formulated to work together and support mental function, brain health and to provide a clean wide-awake energy without the jitters or over-caffeinated rush and of crash sugary energy drinks.  We strive for mental clarity and sharpness and to reduce the mental drain that fatigue can introduce into our lives.  We believe we have hit the mark with Simply Focus..



The Simply Focus pack offers enormous value; if each supplement were sold separately they would retail for well over $100; Simply Focus sells for less than half of that.  It would also be inconvenient if one were to try to take it on the go carrying five bottles of supplements with them; with Simply Focus one can simply grab a pack, throw it in your pocket and go.  We believe in our product and we believe that if we can remove the cost and convenience barriers for our customers we will be able to build a loyal base who truly benefit from our products and come back month after month.



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